Procar Sponsors Drag Racer Tambra Sweet-Hayes

At Procar by SCAT, we believe in sponsoring and supporting racers of all shapes and sizes, at all experience levels. For us, it’s about the passion, the drive and dedication to the need for speed – to be the best. 

We recently partnered with drag racer Tambra Sweet-Hayes, providing her with a set of Procar Sportsman seats for her 1967 Nova. Racing is rooted deep in the Sweet family. Her grandfather, Jim Sweet, was a local hot rodder and drag racer who would often speed along the streets of Dayton, Ohio in the 1950’s, before race tracks were even around. Back then, the police would shut down the streets for locals hours at a time so they could race. When Jim and his family moved back to his hometown of Jamestown, Tennessee, he continued racing on the closed streets until a local track, Buffalo Valley Dragway, opened up in 1969.

Tambra affectionately refers to her grandfather as the first street outlaw, and credits him to her passion for racing. Before entering college, Tambra secured her first win at the Street Night race at Buffalo Valley. From then on, she was officially hooked on racing and hasn’t looked back. 

She recently placed first at the Knoxville Dragway, which proved to be bittersweet. With her grandfather’s recent passing, this was the first race without him in attendance cheering her on.  

While a dedicated drag racer at heart, Tambra works days as a youth counselor at Alvin C. York Institute and is also the head softball coach for the local high school. She continues to run and help operate the family business, Gearhead Solutions, which offers a variety of automotive aftermarket parts and accessories.

We look forward to keeping an eye on Tambra and watch her racing career continue to grow!

Tambra Sweet-Hayes

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