Racer Henry Roberson is Making Moves

Check out this latest update from Team AFR driver Henry G. Roberson.  Henry rallied after a runner-up finish in Woodburn, Oregon to win T&A Pro-Motion at the Ocean Bracket Race.

Henry Roberson enjoyed a stellar weekend at 12th Annual ET Bracket Triple Crown in Woodburn, Oregon. The 35-year-old UPS driver made the 12-hour trip from North Highlands, California to Woodburn, Oregon with his best friend’s 10-second Chevy Luv Pickup Truck in tow.  

Henry racked up several round wins over the course of the weekend and was able to turn in a runner up finish. 

“I was lucky enough to make it to the final of Saturday’s Non-Electronics Ultimate Gambler Shootout, where I was .014, but got cracked by a .003 take .008 lap,” he said. 

Henry also attended the T&A Pro-Motion at the Ocean Bracket Race in Sonoma, CA the same weekend, where he collected the ‘big check’ and a special-edition 1 oz gold bar. On Sunday, Henry earned the Top Performer Samoa Dragstrip special-edition hand-carved Redwood Wally. This is given to the driver who turns on the most win lights of the weekend. 

Henry racked up over 1,800 miles over the last two weekends and is showing no signs of slowing down! 

Be sure to follow Roberson Racing Inc. on Facebook where Henry incorporates live videos into his racing adventures and provides his audience with real-time commentary as the action unfolds!

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