1966 Pontiac GTO

Randy Wittig of Spring Hill, Kansas, fell in love with a 1966 GTO when he was in high school but couldn’t afford one. 25 years and enough disposable income later, he found a ’66 GTO on the internet that he loved. After purchasing it and making initial changes, he decided he wanted to add modern performance and handling.

Part of these upgrades included the interior, which is now styling with Procar by SCAT Rally seats upholstered in pearl white leather.

Take a look at the full build below, which was featured in Car Craft Magazine. Read the full article here.

ABOUT PROCAR BY SCAT: No other aftermarket seat can come close in terms of style, comfort or quality at such an affordable price.

SENSIBLE STYLING is the hallmark of a Procar® seat. The clean, classic lines will complement the interior of any automobile, street rod, cruiser, pony car, muscle car, off-road buggy, truck or sport compact. Procar® seats always look like they were meant for your car!

AN AFFORDABLE ALTERNATIVE to your ratty, old, original equipment, Procar® seats won’t bust the budget on your restoration project. Easy installation, with custom mounting brackets available for over 3,000 applications, means you’ll save money and gain the satisfaction of doing the job yourself.

UPGRADE THE QUALITY AND COMFORT of your vehicle when you go with a Procar® seat installation. The all-steel, TIG-welded frame is electrostatically coated for strength and durability. Premium grade fabrics and stitching will stand up to years of wear and tear. Ergonomically shaped cushions, made with high-density, injection-molded foam, ensure comfort with the proper support.

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