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PROCAR a line of Scat Enterprises, INC. provides the following mounting bracket installation information as a general set of instructions to help you properly install your PROCAR by Scat Seats and Brackets. These instructions are not all-inclusive and may not cover every aspect of installation as some applications may require extra parts or interior modifications. Please contact PROCAR by Scat or your local authorized dealer if you have installation questions. We assume no responsibility for proper or improper installation. Please thoroughly inspect your package to insure all components needed to install are in the box prior to assembly, if you are missing item(s) please contact your retailer purchased from.

Remove your factory seats and adapters. Put aside the OEM mounting bolts and washers. You will require them to mount the adapters to the floor board

As shown in illustration (1A) (1B) & (1C) attach slider mechanism to base of seat using supplied hardware. You can use Loctite® if desired. Repeat on second seat if applicable.

Attach return spring as shown in illustration (2A), (2B) between the two sprung points. This will allow the seats locking mechanism to activate once the seat is slid to the desired position of choice

(2A) You can now attach the fixed mounts if applicable to your floor pan. Use your O.E.M. hardware to mount your adapters to the floor boards

Once the fixed mounting bracket is secured to your floor pan in the vehicle, take your seat with slider adapters already mounted, return spring attached and place it on top of the fixed adapter. You now can use the three (3) adjustment points as shown in illustration (2B) & (2C)


PROCAR by Scat stationary side mount brackets are recommended for off highway use, not bottom mount bracket/sliders. No warranty or representation is made as to this product’s ability to protect the user from injury or death. The user assumes that risk. The effectiveness, warranty and longevity of this product are directly related to the manner in which it is installed used and/or maintained. We thank you for choosing PROCAR by Scat for your seating components.