Part# Description
80-1001-51 Black Vinyl, Sedan
80-1001-52 Grey Vinyl, Sedan
80-1001-53 White Vinyl, Sedan
80-1001-54 Beige Vinyl, Sedan
80-1001-61 Black Velour, Sedan
80-1001-62 Grey Velour, Sedan
80-1001-71 Black Vinyl/Black Velour Combination, Sedan
80-1001-72 Grey Vinyl/Grey Velour Combination, Sedan
80-1001-73 Black Vinyl/Grey Velour Combination, Sedan
80-1001-74 Grey Vinyl/Black Velour Combination, Sedan
80-1002-51 Black Vinyl, Convertible
80-1002-52 Grey Vinyl, Convertible
80-1002-53 White Vinyl, Convertible
80-1002-54 Beige Vinyl, Convertible
80-1002-61 Black Velour, Convertible
80-1002-62 Grey Velour, Convertible
80-1002-71 Black Vinyl/Black Velour Combination, Convertible
80-1002-72 Grey Vinyl/Grey Velour Combination, Convertible
80-1002-73 Black Vinyl/Grey Velour Combination, Convertible
80-1002-74 Grey Vinyl/Black Velour Combination, Convertible
Karmen Ghia
80-1003-51 Black Vinyl, Karmen Ghia
80-1003-52 Grey Vinyl, Karmen Ghia
80-1003-53 White Vinyl, Karmen Ghia
80-1003-54 Beige Vinyl, Karmen Ghia
80-1003-61 Black Velour, Karmen Ghia
80-1003-62 Grey Velour, Karmen Ghia
80-1003-71 Black Vinyl/Black Velour Combination, Karmen Ghia
80-1003-72 Grey Vinyl/Grey Velour Combination, Karmen Ghia
80-1003-73 Black Vinyl/Grey Velour Combination, Karmen Ghia
80-1003-74 Grey Vinyl/Black Velour Combination, Karmen Ghia

Rally VW Kit


The ULTIMATE Bolt-in Interiors. Complete kits in workmanship, quality & value. Color and material coordinated to match Rally, Elite, Pro-90 & Lowback Series of custom recliners

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  • Contents
  • Rear-seat-cover
  • Brackets
  • Door-panels
  • Sliders
  • Optional Contents
  • Rear-speaker-tray
  • Sterring-wheels